It's been a hell of a long time since we had some news posted on the site; 8 months almost!

Here' a little info on what we are up to:

Sparkus 81


These guys are currently working on getting PokeRG set up correctly - expect to see a fully working RP server and an open free-build world available soon!


Voltumna is currently working on a new FTB:departed spawn and adding some new plugins for players


Working on the new and improved wild west frontier (even more customs!)

Stay active and don't forget that every 2 forum posts gives you a website point!

Calvin Heitman Initiate Farquad StarSquad
Sparkus81 AdminExperienced For updates on the servers and what we are doing please check the forums xD
Serianni Initiate I think it would be sweet if you guys also just put up a completely vanilla server