Community Updates

zαк∂αηк Owner posted Apr 3, 16

Well it's been a while since any news has been posted. I will shortly be returning from an amazing 3 month trip around Asia and will be back full time to work on RetG.

First though, I would like to share some plans.

Wild West

The server just recieved an update to version 3.2 which is the first revival update to be released, more will shortly follow to help bring Wild West's popularity back. This has added a handful of aesthetic things like new logos, a new menu with music and a minimap.

Along side the visuals, wild west will be receiving an update to the guns which will make them much more powerful and will also include a more comprehensive gun smithing system. We are also looking to standardise ammo so that, for example, all revolvers will use revolver rounds. This will also open an opportunity for us to play with other ideas such as new ammo types; Shotguns for instance could fire slugs or buckshot.


Also on our list of revivals, we will be looking to update departed to freshen up the world. We have recently added a bi-monthly reset of the AoA dimensions. This should keep them unspoilt for new players.

Realms Of Retribution

Our newest announced server, this will feature a new style of play and will be focused on quests, PvP, looting and guilds more than traditional servers which are aimed at building and resource gathering. We have a lot of exciting ideas flowing around in the Staff forums which should make this pack a unique and fun experience for any players. Our previous release date of a month will be delayed. While we will continue to work on it, we need to prioritize increasing the community first as this server will rely on players banding together.

A New Feed the Beast server

I don't want to say much about it just yet, but we are toying with the idea of opening a popular FTB pack server to increase our player base. More will be announced later after we have finished with the wild west and departed updates.