Latest Website/Server Update

яуαи Owner posted Oct 18, 14
Hey guys and gals,

You may have noticed that we have a new server Wild West 2 this is being/has been public released on Saturday 18th October, with this in mind me and ZakDank have spent today (when i'm not in work) doing as much as we can prepping it for public release, this means we have removed all Donation ranks from our website as we fully make sure our gaming network is Eula Compliant with Minecraft.

This means that:-
- You will have around 50-100 points for being apart of our community and a "Registered" Rank
- all servers will be updated to use Points to add items
- you will be able to purchase points and Gain them from other ways

this means that the shop is in a work in progress state, however over the weekend me and ZakDank will work our butts off so that we can get it fully setup as soon as we can,

regarding all pasts donators you will see that we have no removed our donation ranks, but in turn you have received "Credits" for your previous donation!, you have received them to a $1 = 50 credits

if you believe you have not received enough please MSG me on the forums and i will sort them out as soon as i can!