News Time

яуαи bugfixerOwner posted Jul 20, 14
Hey guys, 
      so its been almost a month since the last news post so i think its time we catch you up on things

you may have noticed the theme modification i have been doing the last over the last week or so, this is to help reduce the items on each page, and in a hope to make the website look a lot better and more professional looking.

Some of the changes include:
 - Chat and TS3 on pop-out buttons
 - the removal of offline servers
 - a new Navbar (we are able to customize the new one a lot easily)
this is just but a few modifications i have done to the website

On another note, we have shutdown our FTB server, until further notice, so that we can work on bringing B-Team and WildWest1 up to scratch,

Unfortunately we haven't had a chance to look and talk about any of the mod apps we have, however be sure it IS!, on our to-do list!

i think thats it for this news post!
see you all in-game!