Retribution Gaming Update!

xRhyno2x Adminlegendary posted Oct 13, 15

Hey Guys and Gals, it has been just over 2 months since the last news update, so i thought i would keep you, up to date with what is happening with the community,

Sparkus 81

First off, unfortuantly at this time PokeRG has taken a side step, it is still up and running but the development has come to a slight hold,


secondly i have moved from working on the above project to work on a custom modpack of pure technology mods, this is my favourite type of modpack and as such i have worked on this on my own to make a working modpack, the spawn is still being built, with the help of _Voltumna_, BUT you can help test the modpack and report any bugs to me either using the forums or by sending me a PM on Enjin, to download the ModPack use this link ,


thirdly FTB:Departed has just been updated to the new 1.3.0 recommended branch, which means there are a few mod updates, that have been added aswell as the not so wanted botania passive flower decay :(, aswell as it being updated, _Voltumna_ is still working hard on bringing you guys a new spawn equipped with a spawn shop and many other new things :) ,


Finally ZakDank, has put WildWest2 on hold as the Development of the guns is a bit more challenging than he orginally thought, therefore he has released another custom modpack, Buccaneers Bay, this is still in beta while a few kinks and bugs are fixed,